Key Of Paradise

I heard this story when I was just a little child. My Grandma told me as she was doing something with her knitting. Her eyes was like seeing something beyond anything that laid in front of her. She tried to see the past time. Suddenly she stared at my eyes. She put her eyes right into my eyes. I was startled awhile, like a breeze stabbed into my heart.

Then she whispered, ”This is true story. I experienced it by myself. It was about my grandfather that obsessed to a key. It’s not an ordinary key. It’s the Key Of Paradise.”

I was speechless. Fear covered this room with some strange energy.

“Key Of Paradise ?” I whispered back.

“Yes. Key Of Paradise. The key that can give happiness that you can never imagine. Happiness that everyone, everyone in those time, was longing for. They were too long in such miserable life. It was dark in those time.”

My mind was trying to avoid this strange feeling. But the dark that she mentioned seems too hard to be stayed away from. The dark was like reality. It’s dark. Truly dark. I hate it but it pulled me even further. I was drowned deep down in it.

Frozen wind made the old silk veil on the window slowly moved. Like the hand of death trying to hug me. Then I felt like I was hallucinated. I saw wicked light in the corner of her eyes.

Still covered with fear, I said, “Tell me more about that key…”

“No,” she suddenly shouted out. ”It’s too evil… But I will tell you about this village. Our Village. Long long before time was counted. Time can be felt. Time was not measured by the the clock. Time run beside us. We really lived in time. I even haven’t been born. It’s far too long.”

Like a movie, small pieces of pictures rushed into my eyes. Like firecrackers, they exploded.

They were happy. Really happy. They laughed all day. They smiled all day. They greeted each other. Sun was always shining his warm gentle light and gave such living power. Flower always bloomed and spread some good smell through the village.

And the Key, Yes, The Key Of Paradise. Was stood still inside an old building. Building that guarded by heart. Heart that full of sincerity. They believed that as long as the key is safely guarded, they would always live in happiness. It was precious though hardly anyone saw it. They only knew that Key from the old tale that was told through generations.

“In that time, this village was named Paradox Land. Because the people always lived in paradox. They can not define between day and night, happiness and sad, friend and enemy. Because they were manipulated by the Evil Soul. Until Seven Warriors saved them.”

They told me that it was just a simple key. Key that was bounded to a necklace that even simpler. But it’s not just a necklace. It was a black rope, a black rope that was knitted by the soul of seven warriors that sacrificed their lives to fight the evil soul. Though, those seven warriors died in the last huge war, they wished to protect the village with their soul. Their bravery were collected into one magical phoenix bowl and put into the key. Key Of Paradise, that was destined to bring happiness.

Simple key that much looked alike a bottle-opener. The handle of the key was made of wood that was cut by the seven swords of seven warriors. There was relief of a man and a lady that was crafted by the sharp head of seven arrows of the seven warriors. The man was picturized as a man in a cloth like tuxedo and a fedora hat. And The lady was wearing a long dress and big hat, holding a bucket of flowers. They crafted closely, so they seemed like kissing each other. It was symbolized eternal love. The surface was shielded by the silver blood of the unicorn that pulled their magic carriage.

One myth that always carried in the tale was, anyone who has the key just will live happily forever. Becoming Immortal. But, The seven warriors warned that if the key was hold only in hands of a person, the rest of the village will live miserably. Because, the key would absorb the happiness of all people and stream it only for one person. So they decided to isolate the key in the old building and everyone could have it by telling the tale to each other. So, under the protection of The Key Of Paradise, the village become prosperous and peaceful. Until one day…

Then, I saw that wicked light in the corner of her eyes once again. “It was stolen by unknown people!”

The people were panic. They knew that in a moment they would lose their happiness. Destruction just would come, like the night that kills the sun. They were angry but they didn’t know which object they were angry to. They become suspicous to anyone. They trusted no one and feared the rest. They all tried to find the Key. But, not like the old days, they needed the Key for themselves. They wanted to have the happiness alone.

It happened in hundred years. People killed each other for the Key. Friend hated their friend. Child tried to killed their parents. Parents diminished their children. People hate each other.

It’s all because of the Key. They all wanted the Key. They wanted the happiness back. But they didn’t think about the others, about their friends, or lover. They just thought about themselves.

One day, people heard a rumour that the Key was showed up in the small land outside their village. The land was laid on the side of a small river. Hearing the roumor, hundreds, even thousands of people gathered in that small land. They shout each other. Accused that the other hold the key just for themselves.

“You Lie!! You already have the Key! But you just want it for yourself!”

“Give me the Key. I’m the one who should have it!”

“I am the who should have the Key!”

“Give me the Key or I’ll kill you!”

So, they began to kill each other. They fought each other for something that actually they never saw that. Blood was streamed into the river. The river was reddened by the blood. People died. But no one seemed care about that. Then rain was coming. Lightnings were flashed in the sky. But they likely would never stop. They were blood-thirsty for the Key.

“Give Me!”

“You stole the Key!”

Suddenly, seven persons showed up from down the river.

They shouted in very angry voice, “NO ONE STOLE THAT KEY!”

People were silenced. Their heart stopped beating by that thunder-like voices. It was one of the seven warriors. They had come from the death.

And they continued in a very sad voice, “Love should not be praised. Love should be shared. So we decided to break it into thousands pieces and we put it into each heart of yours. We put it into your blood so you will pass it to your children, grand-children, great-grand-children, great-great-grand-children and so on, till you are all their ancestor. But you are all too blind! You just can’t see it! You just can’t feel it. That you all have that key in your heart. The place where the key should be. Not in that old building. Why? Why….?”

The seven warriors were down on their knees and cried. The cries were echoing to each corner of the earth. But it was too silence. So the seven warriors rised their head they tried to see them. But, they cried even louder. They saw no one. There were no one. They were gone. They didn’t want to hear the voice of seven warriors. They were not just blind but they were deaf also.

The Seven Warriors realized, that they had been beaten by the Evil Soul. Actually they never won the first war. And the war will not be over. So, they swore to the lord of earth and sky that they would not stop crying until each person between earth and sky can feel the love in their heart.

“So, my lovely grand-children. Everytime you hear the wind blows, you can hear them cry…”


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